Fursona Pins Terms of Service

    Updated 7-9-2020

  2. Fursona Pins collects data from you when you register for our website or purchase from us: your account username, encrypted account password, name, address, e-mail, IP address, cookies, and sometimes your phone number. This information is stored on our private server and is accessible only by Fursona Pins administration, except in cases where your name, address, and other order information is visible to our workers hired to pack and ship your products. Fursona Pins is also passed data about you from our payment processors such as PayPal and Stripe, however, we do not store your credit card information as this information is visible to PayPal and Stripe only.

    Data collected from you is used internally within the business to ship products and provide our services to you, as well as send you advertising e-mails if you have signed up for our newsletter. When appropriate, we share your data with organizations like Stamps.com and Backerkit to ship your orders and provide our services to you. We utilize metrics services like Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics to market our products on their platforms which may track your use of our site or others via these services. You can read more about those services on their websites. Any questions regarding your privacy, including any requests for data or deletion of your data or account, may be directed to [email protected]

  4. Invoices are sent to our clients within twenty four hours of booking their slot. Payment must be made through PayPal within twenty four hours of receipt of this invoice. If the payment is not received at that time, the slot is forfeit and another customer will be booked for that slot.



    We strive for a six month turnaround on our orders. Please expect that artwork creation will take four months to complete, and manufacturing two months. The manufacturing timeline might be longer depending on the complexity of the pin, and the quantity that is ordered. For instance, dangle and rainbow pins can take longer to produce. Please note that we do not accept deadlines for any of our projects. The only exception would be products ordered by a convention for that convention's use.

    INITIAL CONCEPT POSES: The commission price comes with one sketch concept (pose) for your project. If you do not provide a pose or concept for your project within one week of paying for your slot, one of our assistant artists will produce a sketch concept for you. If you require the concept to be redrawn, each additional sketch concept is an additional $25.00 charge.

    EDITS TO THE CONCEPT ART: Each project is limited to two (2) small edits to the pose artwork that you are provided during the sketch phase - such as tweaking the position of a hand or arm, extending a leg, etc. After two edits to the concept artwork, each additional edit is $10.00.

    EDITS TO THE FINAL ARTWORK: Edits to the final artwork may be accepted at a rate of $25.00 per edit, at Fursona Pins' discretion. This includes such things as changing the hair style of the final (inked) drawing, changing the position of a limb, adding wings, etc.

    While we are happy to receive your feedback in the process of creating your pin, please be aware we cannot accomodate drawing your pin in a different style. We require all our pins to be in our style, so any edits or change requests must be redrawn by us.

    If six months have gone by since your order was paid and you have not received any updates on artwork or factory production, you may request a full refund for your project. If Fursona Pins determines we are unable to proceed with your order to completion, we will provide you with a full refund for your project. We do not accept cancellations in any other situation than the ones described above.

    Submissions, if selected for a commission slot, may not be drastically altered from the project originally pitched. "Upgrades" are always accepted but downgrades may result in cancellation of the slot. We may approve changes to the character or character design at our discretion. Please do not submit characters you do not own or cannot rightfully make merchandise for. If you are ordering for a friend, be certain you have their permission. We cannot create pins of characters based off copyrighted designs, or designs with logos on them that do not belong to you. References submitted must be Safe For Work / G-Rated with any adult sections appropriately censored. We only produce products that are G-Rated.

    You are welcome to sell, trade, or give away your pins as desired. Please be sure to credit Fursona Pins, whether to our website FursonaPins.com, or any of our social media websites, such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or Patreon.

    Only the owner of the character can request reorders of their pin, or their agent or representative. If your character changes hands, please be sure to inform us so that we can be certain only the rightful owner is ordering.

    We strive for high quality products, but clients must also have realistic expectations for hand made works. Please visit our FAQ to view our policy on defective pins.

    Fursona Pins retains the copyright to the product artwork we produce. You may only use the commissioned work for personal use, or for advertising the sale of the enamel pins we produce for you. You may not produce additional products made available for sale with the artwork we have created without written permission. If you are unsure whether your desired use of the artwork is considered personal use or you would like to inquire about commercial use licensing outside the scope of this agreement, please e-mail us at [email protected] . Please note that Fursona Pins owns the rights to creating molds of the artwork. Customers are not permitted to take the artwork and have it molded at another company to produce pins. All re-orders of our artworks must go through Fursona Pins.

    Fursona Pins will not individually resell pins made of your character. However, we retain the right to keep some of your pins as samples or as part of company master collections.

    You have the option to opt-in for Pin of the Month on our Patreon. This gives your pin a chance to be distributed to our Patreon club. As the owner, you are given $1.00 in royalties for each pin ordered for the Patreon run if your character is voted as Pin of the Month. The scope of this agreement is to provide a pin to every eligible Patreon member on our Pin Club. We have to estimate our order based on growth trends on the first of the month so there will likely be remainders. In the event that we have remainders from the run, they will be made available for sale in our shop. Currently, royalties are estimated between $750-$1,200. This royalty will be paid within 30 days of dispersal after we have received tax documentation from the client. Tax documentation involves submitting a Form W9 for US citizens, or a Form w8-BEN for non-US citizens. We will then issue any US citizen client a 1099-MISC the following January per IRS regulations.



    Orders from the Fursona Pins shop may only be cancelled if they have not been shipped yet. After shipment, orders are no longer refundable. There is a 10% restocking fee for cancelling a shop order, with a minimum of $3.00.

    Fursona Pins does not accept returns or exchanges for products. If there is a problem with your order, please reach out to [email protected] for a solution.

    FREE SHIPPING: Fursona Pins provides free shipping for orders over $25.00 that are destined for a domestic US address.

    WHEN WE SHIP: Orders during normal periods ship 2-3 business days after the order is placed. We do not ship on weekends or holidays. Orders placed during a major advertised sale will normally ship within 3-5 business days after they are placed.

    COMBINED ORDERS: We reserve the right to combine multiple orders into one shipment for logistics purposes. We do not refund shipping fees paid when multiple orders are combined.

    LOST IN TRANSIT: If an order is lost in the mail (defined as USPS informs you in writing that the shipment has been lost) we will replace the order if you provide us with the written statement from USPS indicating the package is lost. This is necessary for us to begin an insurance claim.

    STOLEN PACKAGES: If an order is marked as delivered but you are unable to find your package or believe it is stolen, we will only replace the package if you provide us with a police report indicating the package was stolen. This is necessary for us to begin an insurance claim.